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Trinity Rehab Initiative by GSAS

Trinity Rehabilitation Centre is an initiative of The Good Samaritan Aid Society (GSAS), an Australian-based Non-Profit Public Benevolent Institution (PBI). GSAS is a well-established charitable organisation delivering many community-based initiatives including charity food hampers, feeding the homeless, seniors community programs, overseas aid, and disability support services.

Trinity Rehab will provide:
† Post-detox rehabilitation centre delivering clinical & spiritual programs
† Long-term mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery, treatment, and accommodation
† A critical reintegration step for patients back into society, through, Rehabilitative treatment, Education, and Relapse prevention.

We Welcome the Sick & Suffering from All Walks of Life:
† Any denomination of Christianity, those from other religions, and those who have no religious background are all welcome to join our program
† As Christians, we strive to be Christ-like in our actions. Jesus said all are welcome, so we stand by those guidelines
† If you are an Australian who suffers from addiction to heroin but looking to turn your life around, we want to help you; heavy drinking & in trouble with the law, we’re here to help you make a change in your life; if your loved one is showing signs of ice addiction, let us guide you both through the recovery process.

Our Fundraising Appeal:
† We are seeking your generous donations for this critical initiative to aid our beloved & afflicted brothers & sisters in Christ. Please visit to make a tax-deductible donation, and/or see 2nd photo slide. Thank you
† All Australian & US donations are Tax-Deductable
† Please email a copy of your donation to

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